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Year in Review:  autumn 2011 / spring 2012
works by  Harry Callahan, Gene Davis,
Sam Gilliam, Kitty Klaidman, Jae Ko, Jim Sanborn

on view through July 28, 2012

Jim Sanborn

                             Kilkee County Claire, Ireland, 1997
                             Large format projection, digital print, Edition of 50
                             available: 30x36, 20x24 or 16x20 inches

Longsturn County Cork, Ireland, 1997
Large format projection, digital print, Edition of 50
available: 30x36, 20x24 or 16x20 inches

      Jae Ko

             untitled (JK 719), 2012
             rolled paper, glue and calligraphy ink
             56 x 13 x 10 inches

Available works by Jae Ko

Kitty Klaidman

             #13, 2010
             quartet, mixed media on wood panel
             32 x 66 inches
Available works by Kitty Klaidman

Sam Gilliam

      Sac I, 2012
      acrylic on nylon
      42 x 39 x 13 inches

                          Sac II, 2012
                          acrylic on nylon
                          22 x 22 x 9 inches

Available works by Sam Gilliam

Gene Davis

             untitled (P280), 1967
             magna on canvas
             98 x 91 3/4 inches
Available works by Gene Davis

Harry Callahan

             Eleanor and Barbara, Chicago, 1953
             gelatin silver print
             7.5 x 9.5 inches
Available works by Harry Callahan