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Nancy Wolf


Born:  1942  Easton, Pennsylvania
Died:  2017  New York, NY

Education: 1964 BFA, Rhode Island School of Design
(European Honors Program, 1963 - 64)

Solo Exhibitions:

2013"Nancy Wolf: Landscapes of Unease", A Forty Year Survey of Drawing
Marsha Mateyka Gallery, Washington,DC
2008“Nancy Wolf, Dragons Adrift: The New Chinese Landscape",
Marsha Mateyka Gallery, Washington,DC
2004“Architectural Visions”, Department of Architecture; traveling
to Chung Chi College, Chinese University of Hong Kong
“Worlds Within Worlds: The New Chinese Landscape”,
Department of Architecture, Chinese University of
Hong Kong
2002New Drawings, Marsha Mateyka Gallery, Washington, DC
1999Follies, Marsha Mateyka Gallery, Washington, DC
1996Architecture Revealed: Drawings, Prints and Paintings by
Nancy Wolf, The American Institute of
Architects Headquarters Gallery, Washington, DC.
1994Mythic Longings: Sacred & Profane Grids, Marsha
Mateyka Gallery, Washington, DC.
1991The Pleasures of Unease, Marsha Mateyka Gallery,
Washington, DC
1988Soho Suite: A Response to Postmodern
Architecture, Marsha Mateyka Gallery, Washington, DC
1985Transition Remembered: A Vision of Nigeria, Marsha
Mateyka Gallery, Washington, DC
1981Hidden Cities, Social Science Research Council, New
York, NY
Recent Drawings, Martin Summers Graphics,
New York, NY
1977Mixed Cities, Henri Gallery, Washington, DC
1974Lifespaces, American Institute of Architects,
Washington, DC
1973Future Cities and Future Spaces, Wood-Gerry Gallery,
Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI
Future Spaces, Atlantic Monthly Gallery, Boston, MA

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2011"Drawing: LC Armstrong, Gene Davis, Christopher French, Jae Ko, Nathan Oliveira,
William T. Wiley, Nancy Wolf",   Marsha Mateyka Gallery, Washington, DC
1994The Corcoran Museum of Art, Washington Art Dealers'
Association, Washington, DC.
Getting Real: The Collection of Philip Desind, Southbend
Regional Museum of Art, Southbend, Indiana
1993Off the Mall - Inside Washington's Foremost Art Galleries,
Museum of the Americas, O.A.S., Washington, DC.
199210 New York Artists, Steele/Northcutt Gallery, Eastern
Montana College, Billings, Montana.
1990Works on Paper, Marsha Mateyka Gallery,
Washington, DC
1988Landscapes, Marsha Mateyka Gallery, Washington, DC
1986In Black and White, Marsha Mateyka Gallery,
Washington, DC
1985Collectors' Choice, Rosa Esman Gallery, New York, NY.
1984Selected Prints, Drawings and Photographs, Marsha
Mateyka Gallery, Washington, DC
1976Federal Cities: Plans and Realities, Smithsonian Institution
Washington, DC ( exhibition continued through 1988 )
1973Washington Artists, Henri Gallery, Washington, DC
New Talent Festival, Gimpel and Weitzenhoffer Graphics,
New York, NY.

Drawings and Prints used in Selected Features:

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1999cover, Postmodern Urbanism, revised edition, Nan Ellin
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Selected Public Collections:

Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, DC
Bass Museum of Art, Miami Beach, Florida
Blanton Museum of Art, Austin Texas
American University Museum, Katzen Center, Washington, DC
(formerly in the collection of the Corcoran Gallery of Art)

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Catalogues and Publications:

1996Franck, Karen, “Nancy Wolf, Hidden Cities Hidden
Longings”,monograph, published by Academy Editions,
1994essay, "An Artist's Perspective on Type", Ordering Space
Types in Architecture, edited by Karen C. Franck and Lynda
Schneekloth, Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York.
1988“Nancy Wolf, Soho Suite: A Response to Postmodern
Architecture”, introduction by Wolf Von Eckardt, catalogue
published by Marsha Mateyka Gallery, Washington, DC.


1996“Architecture Revealed”, American Institute of Architects, Washington, DC
1993-92"Utopia; Dystopia", New Jersey Institute of Technology