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On Paper
Howard Hodgkin,   Athena Tacha,   Sheila Rotner,   Sam Gilliam
Kathleen Kucka,   Agnes Denes,   Andrea Way,   Gene Davis

December 12 - January 23, 2016

Washington Post Review

A selection of works from the exhibition.

Howard Hodgkin

Nick, 1977
soft-ground etching with sugar lift and aquatint with hand coloring
in watercolor (yellow and pink wash, blue for the border)
17.5 x 22 inches,  edition: 100

Two to Go, 1981-82
lithograph with hand coloring in gouache in four grays
36 x 48 inches,  edition: 100

David's Pool, 1978-85
soft-ground etching and aquatint with hand coloring in blue ink
25 x 31 inches,  edition: 100


Athena Tacha

Como Waves--Dark, 2007
black hot glue on black paper
20 x 28 inches

S-Strings, 2003
tinseled hot glue on black paper
19.75 x 30 inches


Sheila Rotner

Root Rectangle #6, 2015
tar paper, paper, acrylic and rivets
14 x 12 inches

Root Rectangle #1, 2014
tar paper, acrylic and sand
36 x 48 inches


Agnes Denes

Probability Pyramid, 1978
lithograph with silver flocking
26.5 x 37.5 inches,  edition: 40

                                        Probability Pyramid, detail


Kathleen Kucka

Phenomenological 8, 2015
burns on paper with oil stick
26 x 24 inches

Phenomenological 7, 2015                                                                       (detail)
burns on paper with oil stick
26 x 24 inches


Sam Gilliam

As Kids Go, 1996
silkscreen and intaglio monoprint with collage on handmade paper
25.5 x 33.5 inches,  edition: 100


Andrea Way

Twelve Pools, 1998, from Gravity Pools, suite of five prints
11 x 13.5 inches,  edition: 45


Gene Davis

Graf Zeppelin, 1969, from Series 1, suite of six prints
silkscreen on linen laminated on rag board
30 x 20 inches,   A/P, edition: 150

Sky Code, 1981
pencil and crayon on paper
14.75 x 20 inches


Installation Views




The Washington Post
Galleries, Sunday, January 17, 2016, p E3

"On Paper" works are anything but flat
 by Mark Jenkins

Works on paper aren’t as sedate as they once were, Marsha Mateyka Gallery’s “On Paper” demonstrates. This eight-artist survey includes some conventional prints and drawings but also work by upstarts who burn patterns into paper, draw with hot glue or cut, fold and paint tar paper.

Like most Mateyka group shows, this includes vintage work by Gene Davis and Sam Gilliam. Davis’s 1981 “Sky Code” is an intricate drawing that appears to represent a cryptographic method; Gilliam’s 1996 “As Kids Go” is an exuberant monoprint, individualized with collaged additions. Athena Tacha, another regular, contributes “S-Strings”, a glowing orb of silver hot-glue strands on a black backdrop.

Intricate Howard Hodgkin prints from the 1970’s and ‘80s, made with a variety of techniques, contrast meticulous line with freehand coloring. The largest, the black-and-white “Two to Go,” is a sort of rectangular spiral, softened with gouache in four shades of gray.

Even more architectural are Sheila Rotner’s three “Root Rectangles,” constructions of tar paper, sand, rivets and paint. They seem to have been made out of materials from a construction site and suggest models for extreme-angled buildings. The structures could be erected next to the swooping ziggurat depicted in “Probability Pyramid,” a lithograph by eco-installation artist Agnes Denes.

Denes’s image has an organic quality that’s even more pronounced in Andrea Way’s “Twelve Pools,” a silkscreen derived from the splashes that result when droplets of blue water hit small puddles. Also working from the small gesture to a larger design, Kathleen Kucka scorches hundreds of concentric marks into paper, then adds clouds of soft color with oil sticks. This approach, too, unifies the geometric and the natural. The burn holes in one of her elegant pieces follow a nearly regular orbit, but in another, the voids pirouette around a central point like a flock of birds.

On Paper: Howard Hodgkin, Sam Gilliam, Gene Davis, Sheila Rotner, Andrea Way, Athena Tacha, Agnes Denes, Kathleen Kucka On view through Jan. 23 at Marsha Mateyka Gallery, 2012 R St., NW.
202-328-0088, marshamateykagallery.com

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