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Kathleen Kucka:  NEW PAINTINGS

March 28 – May 2, 2009

Reception For The Artist: Saturday,   March 28,   4-6 pm

Kathleen Kucka   -   Exhibition & Other Works


Ephemeral Apparition, 2009 Confound and Astound, 2008

New Paintings  

The Marsha Mateyka Gallery begins the spring season with exciting new work by New York artist  Kathleen Kucka, in the artist's second solo exhibition at the gallery.

There is an otherworldliness to Kathleen Kucka's paintings. Their illusionism and remarkable depth give her abstract shapes a unique quality.   The artist comments that

My painting has evolved from a personal language of abstract forms, made by pouring acrylic paint and manipulating the movement...I pour acrylic paint directly onto glass, which then forms a "paint fabric" that I can remove in a thin solid sheet.   The "skins" as I call them, are then attached to a support, and the painting from this point is worked on as a collage.   The interrelated layers have a materiality and dimensional quality.

Reflecting the nature of fluid dynamics and motion, the open forms pool and coalesce in the overlapping layers.   Like the drop on a slide under a microscope, the painting offers a view into a parallel world.

Benjamin Genocchio in his March 2, 2008 New York Times review*   describes Kathleen Kucka's paintings as being "near-abstractions".   He singles out her paintings as capable of reminding us that "serious, concept-based art can also be pleasurable to view."

*Genocchio, Benjamin, "Looking into the World of Genomes and Seeing an Unreliable Future", New York Times, March 2, 2008, review of the group exhibition "I Dream of Genomes", Islip Art Museum, East Islip, NY.

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